I’m feeling a total lack of motivation right now. I found a race I want to run in April (5k), but I can’t make myself just GET OUT OF BED to train for it. I feel a lack of motivation for.. anything really. Work, house chores (no one likes those anyway), and just generally getting things done. Sometimes I just want to curl up in bed and let the world go by until I feel like participating.

Does anyone else ever get in a slump like this? Granted, I do suffer from depression (hurray, my brain doesn’t always work right), so it could just be that this is another period where I need to start up taking medication again. It’s not really the worst thing ever, I’m just not the best about taking pills every day =P

What do you do for motivation, and what type of activity? Whether it be chores, exercise, or your job, what keeps you from getting in a total funk? I could use some help. 😦

This seems like an emo post, but I don’t really feel like apologizing for it. I’m pretty bad about bottling up how I feel about things until I get overwhelmed by it all, so you can deal with my way of letting it out. 🙂

❤ Hope you all have a wonderful March!