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Today we finally made it out to Green Gate Farms! I’d been wanting to try them out for a while since I found their website a few weeks ago, and I was not disappointed! We picked up the lovely veggies you see below, some potatoes, cabbage, garlic, and eggs πŸ˜€ I can’t -wait- to try the eggs!



A poorly-lit bathroom picture (courtesy of my guest bathroom/kitty bathroom). Everyone needs one.


Today was a relatively terrible day when you pile everything together. As much as I love what I do.. there are things around me that sometimes make me want to close myself away and never work in an office again. I can just stay home and play with my kitties, right? 😦

I loufa you.


After I get up today, I plan on starting another cleanse like I did back in November. Wish me luck!



After finishing the 5k on Saturday, I realized that my shoes didn’t really make the cut for more intense running. So, my UA shoes have been officially set aside for personal training only, and I went over to RunTex in Georgetown to get fitted for running shoes. These shoes fit best, so I picked them up. I intend to try them out over the next couple days!


Outlet Mall

Today I went with Jodie and Zero to the outlet mall. I decided to bring along my camera so I could get some super cute pictures of Zero! πŸ˜€

Album Here!



My TRX is one of my most worthwhile investments. Check it out at TRX Training.


My racing bib. It had trackers on the back to record my time. πŸ™‚ I was slow, but I finished! Longest day EVER!


Let’s pretend I took this on Friday, when I got my racing packet. πŸ˜‰