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Another wedding picture. Feet were already hurting at this point because I’m a GENIUS and put my heels on at 2:45 for a 6pm ceremony >.>



I played with my camera at the wedding of my two good friends, Jeremy and Lori! This is one of my favorites 🙂

It feels like March went by in the blink of an eye, and I’ve neglected not only this blog, but my running as well. I’m picking it back up, particularly with the Zooma Austin 5k I’m participating in on the 16th. I won’t be fast, but I will finish it even if it kills me. 🙂

In March Jon and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary with a staycation and some much needed family visits. This month we’ll be celebrating 1-year in our house by finally fixing our yard. It’s dreadful and more weeds than grass. I’m pretty certain that our neighbors, not to mention the HOA hate us >.>



My personal trainer started a 6-week ‘biggest loser’ style bootcamp at work, 2 1-hour group sessions per week. I have added this to my regular 30-minute sessions, but have moved those to Thursday afternoon instead of the usual Tuesday. I’ve also decided to become a distributor for Advocare. It’s mostly for the personal benefits, but there’s a potential benefit of having a little extra income. If any of you are interested in trying some of the Advocare products (I’ve mentioned them before in older posts), I’ll post up my little mini-site store thing.

I’m going to make the effort to make posts on -at least- a weekly basis (outside of the 365 photos). I expect you to keep me accountable for that! 😉

The title pretty much says it all! This week Jon and I took Sunday off, which for our work schedule is ‘Friday’ to go to the Austin Bridal Extravaganza at the Palmer Convention Center. Needless to say, we got a TON of information, maybe even more than we wanted for some things, and a lot of free cake and food.

I think we’re well on our way to being quite ahead of the game for our wedding planning, which I’m quite happy about. I really don’t want to get down to the last few months and feel like I have no time for anything other than the details of this thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and more than ready to -be- married, but the ordeal of planning the wedding itself is a little daunting at times, especially when I don’t really live near my mom, or any of my side of the wedding party. So I’m doing a lot on my own, or with Jonathan. But I do feel that we were quite productive with our time at the convention, so we’re both very happy about that. A few things we got set up while we were there are tux rentals, a ‘wine tasting at home’ thing, a few wedding shops (one in particular that lets you RENT wedding dresses! That’s awesome!), prop-like rentals, live music (String quartet or guitarist, we haven’t decided), florist, and probably the most interesting one was the chiropractic booth we went to.

They gave me a gift certificate for an appointment, which I had today which pretty well confirmed what I had always suspected, and that is how my back is pretty messed up. I go back tomorrow to view the x-ray they took and to possible have an ‘adjustment’. I think this may end up working out for the better, as I don’t really see how my back could really get that much worse than it already is.

Also, one of my favorite parts about the last couple days is the fact that I’ve gotten to play more with the new makeup I’ve gotten within the last week. I made a Sephora trip last Tuesday and ordered a couple things from Coastal Scents that arrived on Friday, but I wasn’t able to get it from my apartment office until Saturday. I was pretty sad though, when I opened one of the palettes I ordered from CS, one of the blushes was crumbled and busted! ;_; I sent them off an e-mail and I got one back this afternoon and they’re sending me a replacement! Yay Coastal Scents! I love you guys! A few things I’ve realized from my latest order (26 shadow/blush palette, truffle(brown) gel liner, and 6 blush/contour palette(this was the busted one) ) is that for me, brown eyeliner > black. I know, it’s a shocking thing when black seems to be the major standard, but it always looks a little to stark for me, and it’s really easy for me to screw it up. Also, I realized the main reason I never messed with blush before – I kinda suck at it! But hopefully I can learn and not just make my cheeks look.. redder than they do anyway. My Sephora trip was mostly for replacing my face primer that the pump busted on, and picking up a different type of concealer and eyeshadow primer, all of which I’ve been extremely pleased with so far. Oh! I also picked up some MAC makeup remover wipes (I’d been using some from Wal-Mart and ran out), and they are SO much better than what I had been using!

Anyway.. I think that’s enough rambling about all that for now. 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful week!