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Another wedding picture. Feet were already hurting at this point because I’m a GENIUS and put my heels on at 2:45 for a 6pm ceremony >.>



I played with my camera at the wedding of my two good friends, Jeremy and Lori! This is one of my favorites 🙂


Morning clouds and a bird.

A lovely trip to the farm! My fridge smells like heaven again ^_^
Go! Visit Green Gate Farms!


Today we finally made it out to Green Gate Farms! I’d been wanting to try them out for a while since I found their website a few weeks ago, and I was not disappointed! We picked up the lovely veggies you see below, some potatoes, cabbage, garlic, and eggs 😀 I can’t -wait- to try the eggs!


A poorly-lit bathroom picture (courtesy of my guest bathroom/kitty bathroom). Everyone needs one.


Today was a relatively terrible day when you pile everything together. As much as I love what I do.. there are things around me that sometimes make me want to close myself away and never work in an office again. I can just stay home and play with my kitties, right? 😦

I loufa you.


After I get up today, I plan on starting another cleanse like I did back in November. Wish me luck!



After finishing the 5k on Saturday, I realized that my shoes didn’t really make the cut for more intense running. So, my UA shoes have been officially set aside for personal training only, and I went over to RunTex in Georgetown to get fitted for running shoes. These shoes fit best, so I picked them up. I intend to try them out over the next couple days!