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Outlet Mall

Today I went with Jodie and Zero to the outlet mall. I decided to bring along my camera so I could get some super cute pictures of Zero! 😀

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I think this is the lesson I learned this past week. I slept in almost every day until about 4pm, except for my personal training session on Tuesday 1/11. If you aren’t entirely familiar with my schedule, I promise I’m not a huge bum! I work a night shift from 6pm-3am, and usually get to bed between 6-7am. So all things considered, my normal wakeup time of 1-2:30pm isn’t so bad, and waking up at 4 isn’t an awful amount of oversleeping >.>

My sessions with Valerie are starting to ramp up in difficulty, which is awesome, but will probably also hurt. A lot. I’ve decided that Wednesday will now be an official resting day, since it’s my ‘Monday’, and 95% of the time I’m super sore from my Tuesday session with Valerie. Jon finally joined me this week (He’s never worked with a personal trainer), and I have to say I think I could really see the progress I’ve made over the last few months. Not only was my form excellent while doing the exercises, but outside of pushups, Jon had a hard time keeping up with me! I can’t tell you how good that felt. Notes: He DID workout Monday, when I didn’t. For some exercises, he also used weights that were heavier by 5 pounds. By no means is my husband a weak man, but I’m definitely proud of myself for how well I could do by comparison. It’s additional proof that the things I’ve been doing are working, and I’m kicking a lot of butt. 😉

ZeroThis week, I finally got to spend some more time with one of my best friends, Jodie, and played with her little guy Zero! He got his 6 week shots on Monday, and she needed some company while her husband, Chris, was at work for the night.  We watched The Hangover, fed Zero, played with him a bit (I gave him a little fauxhawk during a diaper change!), and then it was time for the little man to get back to bed. And yes, there is absolutely a picture to accompany this post!

Time to go hardcore.

Happy New Year! It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, so let’s catch up.

Holiday party was excellent, and I think I looked pretty damn good. 😉 My sister-in-law Laura had her baby, Emma Grace Wells, 3 weeks early! We haven’t yet had the opportunity to go see her, but we’ll try to make it up there soon. I purchased my new computer (27-in iMac), and received a handful of excellent, mostly joint gifts for Christmas. I also lost 5 more pounds, putting me down to 180! My TRX (fitnessanywhere.com) just arrived in the mail today, and that will be put to use VERY soon! I also got a hair cut from a new salon in Austin, and this was actually my first hair cut in Austin since I moved here 3 1/2 years ago.

I’ve been really lazy the last couple of weeks. I got pretty sick for a while and skipped a whole week at the gym, including cancelling a personal trainer session. I’ve had 2 more since then and haven’t really picked back up, but I will not tolerate anymore laziness from myself. Starting today with my personal trainer session “boot camp style”, I’m going to kick it back into gear. No more skipped workouts! I’ve told Jon that if I start complaining that “I don’t feel good” or “I’m too tired” to drag me over to the gym if he has to.

Good afternoon, 2011. HEAR ME ROAR! I will conquer you! I will lose fat, gain muscle, kick ass and take names!